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about the ACIB managment group

ACIB Management has a deep knowledge and understanding of monetizing an athletes NIL to make their business aspirations come true beyond their respective sport.

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Brand Development

Brands are increasingly identifying athletes as key influencers. We figure out how best to market our athletes as both an individual on team player within a given sport & life outside the game.

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Crypto Consulting

Utilizing the growing space of crypto ACIB will educate athletes on the benefits of having a diversified portfolio of not only investments but sponsored deals.

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Social Media Marketing

Digital marketing is a great way for athletes to reach their fans directly. Fans can stay up-to-date on everything an athlete does, and get exclusive content they won't find elsewhere.

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Sponsorships & Paid Ads

Sponsorships & paid ads are ways for athletes to monetize their name image and likeness. We help our athletes get paid sponsorships and ads contracts for social media promotions.

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we protect & advance our athletes name, image & likeness.

ACIB Management Group understands the importance of balancing opportunities that will maximize our athletes' name, image and likeness while also staying true to who they are.

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We are proud & honored to represent such talented athletes & coaches. Join us and cheer them on as they compete in major competitions!

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Frequently Asked
What Is Name, Image, and Likeness?

Name, Image, and Likeness (NIL) are three elements that make up your “right of publicity,” consisting of your name, your image, and your likeness (nicknames, photographs, other identifiable traits). NIL activities include autograph signings, personal appearances, social media endorsements, and promotion of businesses, products, and services. As of July 1, 2021, the NCAA adopted an interim set of guidelines to suspend previous NIL restrictions for all current and incoming student-athletes in all sports. Student-athletes are now permitted to profit from their NIL within the guidelines established by their Institution, their state, and the NCAA. 29 states have passed laws setting standards for student-athletes to commercialize their NIL (many of which are currently in effect), others have draft bills before their legislatures, and the federal government is working on national legislation.

What Type of Clients Does acib management group Serve?

Any organization that interacts with student-athletes must be fluent in NIL. ACIB serves those impacted by NIL, including, but not limited to colleges and universities and their key stakeholders as they navigate the changes to rules and related NCAA legislation. These stakeholders include athletic department staff and coaches, compliance directors, school officials, student-athletes, and external parties such as sponsors and boosters.

Does acib management group Work With Student-Athletes?

ACIB works with institutions to offer education programs for student-athletes around NIL, branding, financial literacy, risks associated with marketing reps and agents, and NIL-related opportunities. With NIL rules live, ACIB serves as a resource for athletic department staffs and athletes in navigating the complexities of NIL.

How Much Does ACIB Charge For Its Services?

Our program and curriculum are unique to each client. We provide comprehensive services to educate your school and stakeholders on NIL. We can work with you to determine your needs and an appropriate price specific to the services we will provide.

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