Ian Brown


Ian Brown is a stellar example of achievement through hard work and hustle. Hard work began at a young age and has continued throughout life. By the age of 19 Ian was working with Denham Capital, a private equity firm based in Boston. His time spent within finance would lead him to co-found ACIB management which specializes in representing high profile High School and collegiate level athletes. 

From a very young age Ian has been working. The son of two strict attorneys put him to work at the age of 11 and the work has not stopped since. The work ethic that was instilled by his parents would lead him to begin working for the private equity firm Denham Capital while in college. During his time there he would work forecasting potential deals in the Oil & Gas sector. After graduating he would go on to work in the tech space with Oracle in Denver Colorado. While working in tech and finance Ian proved to be successful but did not feel passionate about the work he was doing. He was able to find this passion by starting a company with his Holy Cross roommate Andre Chevalier. 

Ian, being a quarterback in high school and college was able to get back into sports, rediscovering his passion, by creating a sports management firm focused on empowering athletes. Within the first few months of the company’s inception, they were able to begin representing the head coach of Sierra Canyon Basketball leading to deals with brands such as:  Liquid I.V, Legends, Oakley and others. Since the inception of the company and working with Coach Chevalier, ACIB has begun to help high school and college level athletes take full advantage of the NIL rule.

we protect & advance our athletes name, image & likeness.

ACIB Management Group understands the importance of balancing opportunities that will maximize our athletes' name, image and likeness while also staying true to who they are.

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